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Buongiorno a tutti
volevo annunciare da parte della GEDAM LTD , il lancio del sw SineDialer
per Call Center.

Description: An automatic call generator for use with Asterisk. It can work in two modes:


The program uses buffers, fuzzy logic to predict how many call center staff
are idle and generate enough calls to keep them busy without generating more
than the required. I.E. if you set the staff number to 100 it will try to
make as many calls as possible while staying at less than 100.

The program adjusts itself in realtime to allow for increases/decreases in
rates, call length etc.

It also has means to stop against the usual oscillations that occur in a
predictive system.

Calls per Second

This is simply a bulk call generator. It will make x number of calls per
second and forward them to the Asterisk dialplan. We also have an app called
machinedetect which will detect if we are speaking to an answermachine or to
a human. If we are talking to a human, it plays a message asking them to
press 1 to continue. If they press 1 it forwards the call to a call center
staff member.

There is only one parameter, calls per second which you can adjust in realtime.


Can generate lists of numbers (either random or sequential). In either
generation mode, it lets you specify the range for each digit.

I.E. generate numbers where the first digit is 1, the second digit is between
2 and 7, the third digit is between 0 and 9 etc.

Depending on which mode you use to generate numbers it will either generate
all or a a random selection of numbers in these series.

It also has the ability to import lists of numbers which come from either
text files, Excel files or MDB files.

You can set up a specific message to be played and can operate in groups of
campaigns, each containing multiple campaigns.

At any one time you may be running multiple campaigns.

The program has been tested up to 500 calls per second, although would go
faster with a newer server. 8) 8)

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